Current Known List of Security Warranties

Vendor Product Category Covered Product Reimbursement Warranty Notes
AsTech Application Security Paragon Security Program $5,000,000 USD Link Paragon Security Program: Trigger is exploited vulnerability
Comodo SSL/TLS Certificates SSL/TLS Certificates $10,000 to $1,750,000 USD Link Coverage level depends on certficate type.
Crowdstrike Endpoint Protection Falcon EPP Complete Cost of Annual EPP Complete Subscription/Warranty Cap*

Up to $100,000 = $100,000
$100,001 - $250,000 = $500,000
$250,001 and above = $1,000,000
Link The warranty covers certain breach response fees and expenses incurred by the customer, including legal consultation, forensic services, notification expenses, identity theft and credit monitoring, public relations and cyber extortion payments. Ransom payments limited to $100,000.
Cymmetria Advanced Persistent Threat Mazerunner Enterprise Twice the cost of annual license fee Link Sum of twice the cost of annual licensing fee up to $1,000,000.
Digicert SSL/TLS Certificates Digitcert Standard SSL $1,000 per claim USD
$10,000 client transactions, $1,000,000 aggregate USD
Link $1,000,000 Aggregate for all Relying Parties administered on first-come, first-serve basis. Payments made will decrease amount available to all parties.
GeoTrust SSL/TLS Certificates TrueBusiness ID $50,000 to $1,250,000 USD Link Coverage level depends on certificate type.
HIPPASecure Now HIPPA Compliance "Some" HIPAA Compliance Subscriptions $100,000 fine USD
$25,000 breach expenses USD
Link Customer shall pay an amount of $5,000 for use of Financial Protection
KnowBe4 Ransomware Protection Kevin Mitnick Training Awareness Module $1,000 USD paid in BTC Link Applies if an employee opens an attachment or clicks on link that infects workstation. $1K minimum client spend minimum.
MyDigitalShield Endpoint Protection V Shield Subscriptions $50,000 breach related expenses USD Link MDS guarantee is backed by contractual liability reimbursement insurance policy issued to MyDigitalShield.
Proofpoint Email Appliance All Appliances 3 year repair warrany included
4-6 year warrany offered
Link Hardware appliance repair services. Extended warranty cannot be purchased from any third party.
SentinelOne Endpoint Protection SentinelOne Solutions $1,000 ransom per endpoint
$1,000,000 aggregate USD
Link Warranty limited to ransom payments.
Thawte/Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates Thawte $500,000 to $1,500,000 USD Link Coverage level depends on certificate type.
Thawte/Symantec ID Theft LifeLock Standard: $25,000 USD
Advantage: $100,000 USD
Ultimate: $1,000,000 USD
Link | 2 Coverage for stolen funds reimbursement and personal expense compensation.
Thawte/Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates Secure Site $1,500,000 to $1,750,000 USD Link Coverage level depends on certificate type.
Trusona Authentication TruToken $1,000,000 per transaction USD Link Using it s own cyber insurance will insure transactions. Vetted by A+ rated insurance company.
Trustwave Managed Anti-Malware Trustwave Anti-Malware Services One month term extension Link Trigger is infection of one or more instances of malware in any quarterly calendar as comfirmed by Trustwave.
Waratek Application Security Waratek Application Security Platform $10,000 credit per false positive USD Link Covers OWASP Top 10
Originally compiled by Jeffrey Smith at Cyber Risk Underwriters.
Maintained by Jeremiah Grossman and Robert "RSnake" Hansen at Bit Discovery.
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